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The PTSO invites you to support WHS with a contribution to the annual appeal. Help support faculty professional development, new and innovative learning programs, equipment, student support and general PTSO activities such as hospitality, principal’s discretionary fund and community building. This appeal is in lieu of all other PTSO fundraisers. Please be as generous as your family circumstances allow. We welcome employer matching funds. Need help or more info? E-mail:  PTSO Co-Presidents, Beth Cook and Kelty Whitworth White (

Advance the Excellence

Contributions to the WHS PTSO allow us to fund priorities established with Principal Chisum.  The PTSO encourages innovation and strives to fund programs that will reach the broadest spectrum of students. The PTSO looks forward to supporting initiatives that help make this goal a reality.  Below are some examples of areas we funded previously and look forward to supporting again:

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT AND TEACHER REQUESTS: The PTSO strives to support faculty and staff professional development goals as a demonstration of the community’s deep appreciation for the faculty’s ongoing commitment to continuous improvement.  The PTSO underwrites requests for educational programs that influence curriculum development and teaching methodologies, which can then be brought back and shared with colleagues.  The goal is to approve requests that affect a broad range of WHS students.  We concentrate spending on teacher requests for materials, technology, furniture for student inclusion, and nursing office supplies.

ADMINISTRATION INITIATIVES: Working with Principal Chisum and other faculty and staff, the PTSO supports school assemblies, Guidance Department programs such as the Advisory program, Challenge Success initiatives, seminar day, the Evolutions program and student senior projects.

GENERAL PTSO INITIATIVES: The PTSO provides the online school directory, PTSO communications, student planning agendas and awards, faculty hospitality and appreciation, METCO support, community contributions and landscaping.

PARENT EDUCATION: The PTSO plans and funds speakers on matters of interest to parents including, but not limited to typical teenage development, health and wellness, life balance and the college process.

Donate Now

Donate Now

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