Our Members

From left to right PTSO Board 2019-20: Andra Jensen - Co-President, Dr. Chisum - WHS Principal, Connie Burton - Co-President, Stacy Braatz - Treasurer, Mason Smith - Secretary, Elizabeth Cook - Co-Vice President, Kelty White - Co-Vice President.

Board Members

Dr. Jamie Chisum


Connie Burton

Andra Jensen


Beth Cook

Kelty Whitworth White


Stacy Braatz


Mason Smith


Committee Chairs

Back to School Packet:  Connie Burton & Beth Cook
Bilingual Coordinator:  Connie Su
Challenge Success Liaison:  Chris Cavallerano

Committee 21:  Wendy Paul
Communications:  Connie Burton & Andra Jensen
Community Hospitality:  Lisa Collins & Deb Berger
Directory:  Maura Renzella & Jenn Madden
Faculty Appreciation:  Susan Fontana, Cindy Malloy & Susan Morris
Faculty Monthly Meetings:  Susan Calcio & Meghan Murray
Grade Reps:

  • Anne Horn (9)

  • Eunice Groark (10)

  • Anne Marie Gross (11)

  • Lori Goldenthal (12)

Landscaping:  Colleen Conroy
Library Liaison: Linda Messore
METCO Liaison:  Betsy Komjathy
Nominating Chairs:  Christine Mizzi & Maria Chase
PAC Representative:  Laurie Kelley
School Council (4)

  • Rick Cleary (2nd year)

  • Jason Kim (2nd year)

  • Anne Marie Gross (1st Year)

  • Melissa Mack (1st year)

Sustainable Wellesley Rep: Susan Morris

Volunteer Coordinator:  Susan McCormack
Webmaster:  Colette Aufranc

Website Content Contributor: Nichole Bernier
WEF Representative:  Maria Chase

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