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Come to one of our PTSO general meetings where you can meet other parents, professional staff and administrative members, and learn more about our high school and our students' lives. Meetings are alternated between day and evening depending on the subject matter.  We do our best to set a calendar and stick with it!  However - dates and topics may change for a number of reasons - stay tuned to our weekly news blasts to keep current.  Subscribe below.

Upcoming PTSO Meetings


If you would like to watch the May 14th All Parent Meeting, please click here.  Unfortunately, we lost the first 10 minutes of the update where Dr. Chisum gave an overview and provided context for the meeting.  He has kindly sent us the following to make up for that lost footage:


"Hello everyone.  Because of technical issues the introduction I attempted to give on this meeting didn't get recorded so I'm just writing to set up the meeting a bit. What I know I talked about was that we are clearly living in unprecedented times. One of the things I think has helped me is to remember everyone has a heightened anxiety level when thinking about Covid-19 whether it is something we are consciously attending to or not. It's also easy to lose track of the fact that the entire world is going through this pandemic and it has changed how we do almost everything.  It stands to reason that the ways we do school have had to change too, and like the rest of life that hasn't always been for the better.  In fact, we are not as good at teaching our students remotely as we are in person.  We lose so much of the interstitial tissue of schools that come from hello's in the hall, or short conversations after class about a dance recital or a tv show.  Teachers and students both miss out from being in each other's company and we can't build relationships in a Zoom call the same way we do in person.  Everyone misses that. So it is in this context that we attempted to answer fully the questions we could, and at least provide you with a framework for how we are approaching our decisions that require a certainty we don't have yet." 



Director of Guidance Dana Plunkett also presented at this meeting.  A copy of her presentation is available here.  Also, if you have any additional questions or feedback after watching the update you can send them to us here.  

The following meetings have been cancelled dur to the COVID-19 Pandemic

  • March 17th (note the date change) 7pm WHS PTSO Speaker in collaboration with Wellesley Youth Commission  "If Only" - more details to come

  • March 27th 9-10.30am (new date) WHS Joint PTSO Meeting/Principal’s Coffee – Drugs & Alcohol Guest Panel

  • May 13th 9-10:30am - 9am, WHS PTSO meeting - 2020/2021 Executive Board, Volunteer Thank you

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