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Dr Chisum's Letter to Parents - April 17

17 April 2020 ​​​​​​​

Dear Families,

I write hoping that you and your families are safe and well.  This is a trying time on many levels and I continue to remind you to reach out to us if there is anything we can do to help support your children.

I wish this was a letter announcing news about when we are returning to school or exactly what is going to happen with all of our end of year activities.  The School Committee, Dr. Lussier, and the rest of us are waiting for direction from the Governor and we are hoping that comes to us next week.  At the high school we are waiting for that decision to help us clarify what we need to do with graduation and other things that would need to follow it.

In the meantime we are rolling along with our remote learning 2.0.  I know there were some early issues with confusion around schedule conflicts and due dates for assignments.  We have been taking in that feedback and internally communicating out clarifications.  We believe it has made a significant difference.  

I also want you to know I’ve been communicating with your children over the past several weeks, and I realize some of those teenagers may not have shared that information with you.  I feel it’s important to be in touch with my students directly, but of course you can ask them to see what I’ve been sending them.  To date I’ve sent them a letter and today will mark a third short video.  Additionally, our TV/Video class sent out it’s second Friday morning announcements to kids this morning.

We continue to brainstorm with the School Council,  the PTSO, student leaders, and staff about what we would do with all the pieces of our end of year no matter the circumstances we need to face. We are committed to finding safe and responsible ways to honor our kids in any situation.

Uncertainty is a hard place to be for so long, for you as parents, our teachers, staff, and especially for our students.  I’m thankful to work in a community that has always been committed to taking care of all our kids.

Please stay safe and well.



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