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Important Information re Registering for AP Exams

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

The College Board has rolled out a new registration procedure beginning in the 2019-20 school year for AP exams. For students taking an AP course this year, AP exam registration is now in the fall and it is important to meet new deadlines. 

WHS only offers AP exam administration to the following students: students enrolled in an AP course at WHS, students who take VHS (on-line) courses through WHS, and students wishing to take the AP World History, AP Language & Composition, or AP Literature & Composition exams. Students who are studying independently for the exam or who are taking an AP course through another educational setting must seek an alternative test site. Please note you will need to follow the same registration deadlines.

For those eligible to take an AP exam at WHS there are two steps for registration:

Part 1: Students must "join" the class section of the course they are enrolled in. For students in WHS AP courses, this will be done in class with your teacher September 9th/10th. For students wishing to take AP Literature, AP Language & Composition, your join code will be distributed by your Honors English teachers. For AP World History:Modern, your "join" code will be distributed by Ms Katz. For students enrolled in VHS courses they must join their VHS class section (your on-line instructor will give you the join code), AND must "join" the "exam only' section through WHS as WHS will be the site administering the exam. Mr Kelton will have these codes. When a student enrolls (aka 'joins') in a course section, an exam is automatically ordered and students will also gain access to AP on-line resources.

Part 2: In addition, students must register with the Town of Wellesley and pay for their exams by October 1st of this year

To reiterate, there are two registrations to complete, one with College Board AP and one with The WPS Activities. If your payment through the WPS Activities is not received by 10/1/19, the exam ordered will be canceled. 

Another significant change is that students will use the same AP student ID and the same College Board user account for all exams throughout all the years that they take AP exams. Therefore, students should no longer use their Raiders email address when setting up a College Board account; they should use their personal, home email. In the event that they move out of the Wellesley Public Schools, they retain their access to their AP and College Board records. 

Changes that include opting not to test, registering late for a course, transferring to a different section with a different teacher for the same course or dropping the course after November 15th, a $40 fee will be assessed by AP. This fee applies each time any of the above occurs. Note that if a student transfers into a course from another school where they were already enrolled, there is no transfer fee. 

For students seeking accommodations on the exams who have not already been approved, requests should be made by December 17th. If a student has accommodations that they do not wish to use on an AP exam, they must notify Ms. Sweet, in writing by March 30th. 

Summary: All participating students need to register with AP and pay the the fee no later than October 1, 2019. This also applies to students who plan to test at an alternate test site. Any student who wishes to opt out of the exam after they have registered must notify their teacher prior to the November 15th deadline to avoid the $40 fee.  Requests for accommodations should be made no later than December 17, 2019. Students who wish to opt out of accommodations must notify Ms. Sweet in writing by March 30, 2020. 

We hope that this clarifies the AP process for you. Please keep this letter on hand to refer to throughout the year. If you have further questions, please let us or the student's guidance counselor know. 

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