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Oxford Scholastica Summer Program

About the Oxford Scholastica Academy

The Oxford Scholastica Academy offers academic summer programs for ambitious and bright 12-18 year olds. Residential in Oxford University college accommodation, our courses inspire young people to explore a subject and discover a career, preparing them for university, professions and life. Our courses range from Young Doctors (relevant for applicants for Medicine) to Enterprise (Economics & Management) to Leadership (Politics, Philosophy, Economics) and more (Computer Science, Law, Mathematics, Philosophy & Ethics, Environment, Creative Writing, British History and Shakespeare). 

We have a “learn, see, do” philosophy:

- Our students "learn" the theory in our tutorials, taught by Oxford academics

- They then "see" this in action - meeting our "Heroes", young professionals who have studied the subject, and then gone on to succeed in related careers

- Finally, the students take part in Challenges (the “do”) that tests their application of their knowledge

We are a family-run summer school and would love to have additional students from Wellesley High School join us on our courses next summer.



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