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SMMA Fund Student Scholarship (deadline 3.27.20)

The Wellesley High School mission to provide meaningful education to a diverse population is both challenging and inspiring. We admire your effort, and, as designers of the Wellesley High School, wish to support you in encouraging and rewarding deserving students. To that end, SMMA has created a charitable organization, the SMMA Fund, and invite your eligible high school seniors to participate in our scholarship program. Your school is one of 20 invited to participate.

SMMA created this program not only to give back to the communities in which we have designed high school facilities, but also to honor the design professions. For that reasons our program provides financial assistance to seniors for their continued education specifically in a field of design that contributes to the built environment.

Students must have the completed Application and Recommendation forms along with their transcript sent to SMMA by the Friday, March 27, 2020 deadline.

SMMA is committed to education and to the communities we serve, and we hope that some of your students are similarly interested in design.

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