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Wellesley High School PTSO

Who is a member of the Wellesley High School PTSO? Every WHS student, teacher and administrator and every parent and guardian of a WHS student is a member of the WHS PTSO.

The purpose of the Wellesley High School PTSO is to support and enhance the educational experiences at WHS and provide support for programs outside of the school's annual budget by:

  • Advocating for the education of WHS students

  • Providing financial support through grants to enhance teaching and learning

  • Additional communication between home, school, and community groups

  • Collaborating with other organizations and agencies in support of the WHS community

​Our email blasts are a source of weekly updates throughout the year. If you are not currently receiving our newsletters and want to subscribe, please email Our PTSO meetings will provide educational and engagement opportunities for our parent/guardian and student communities throughout the year (upcoming meeting dates will be provided in blasts and on our Meeting/Event Calendar and Agendas page).

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