Faculty Funding Request

The Wellesley High School (WHS) PTSO welcomes the opportunity to work with the Principal, administration, faculty and staff at WHS to provide supplemental funding for classroom needs and professional development as our budget and financial resources allow.  

Click the links to see examples of grants funded in 2018/19 and in 2019/20

Guidelines for Grant Requests and Professional Development Funding

  • Funding requests submitted by the first working day of a month will be considered by the WHS PTSO Executive Board during that month's Executive Board meeting. Decisions are usually reported back to the applicant by the 15th of the month. See additional details below under "Application Process".

  • There are several avenues for employees of WHS to apply for grants.  In general, the WHS PTSO is geared to funding the following types of requests:

    • Requests of $2,500 or less (larger grant requests can be considered but may be held in abeyance to help ensure equity in funding across departments)

    • Requests for funding budget gaps which have resulted in a need for classroom materials.

    • Before submitting a grant request, please confirm with your department head that funding is not available from the department budget. 

  • Within these broad parameters, the PTSO will give preference to expenditures that will (in no particular order):

    • Advance the stated educational goals of a department, WHS, or the Wellesley Public Schools (WPS)

    • Result in richer learning experiences for WHS students

    • Enhance the cohesive functioning of a department

    • Have a positive impact on the greatest number of students.

  • Expenses eligible for consideration include: speakers for students and/or teachers, consultants to work with teachers, conference registration fees, and course fees. Depending upon the financial resources available, travel expenses for out of state conferences may be possible.  Consideration will be given to whether prior requests by the same individual have been made in order to ensure a wider distribution of funds.

  • The PTSO will fund non-credit course fees.  Applicants are welcome to fund the incremental cost above a non-credit course fee in order to earn credits.The PTSO will limit its funding of classes to $1,000/year per educator.  Exceptions may be made in June/July if we still have funds left in the budget.

  • Not eligible for funding are: refreshment, decoration, or other entertainment related expenses.

  • Faculty, administrators and staff who are awarded grants for professional development (i.e., training or attendance at conferences) are expected to share their learning with their colleagues.

  • With respect to grants for Professional Development, any such grant awarded will be forfeited if the grant recipient is no longer an employee of WPS on the anticipated date of the conference or training.

  • Equipment purchased using PTSO grants are considered the property of Wellesley Public Schools.

  • In considering grant requests, the PTSO will seek advice and guidance from the WHS Principal and/or appropriate Department Head.

Application Process:  

  • Please complete the Wellesley High School PTSO Faculty Grant Request Application below

  • Attach any supplemental documentation (including information on costs) which you believe will help inform the PTSO’s decision on your request  

  • The PTSO’s Executive Board will review and consider the applications on a monthly basis.  Applications submitted by the first working day of a month will be considered during that month's Executive Board meeting.  Applicants will be informed via email of the Board’s decision on their grant request (e.g., approved for funding, not approved for funding, held for further consideration), usually by the 15th of that month.


If you have any questions, please email wellesleyptso.treas@gmail.com.

Faculty Grant Request Application